St. Petersburg, Russia
Established in 2000

The Russian professional cosmetics is created for specialists of the industry of beauty and designed to meet the demands of modern women

Laboratory of Cosmetics “Arkadia”:

  • Scientific laboratory and own production
  • Full production cycle from concept and development to production and sales of finished products

    Rich formulations are scientifically established and thoroughly tested

    The production facilities and processes meet the requirements of the Technical Regulations TRTS 009/2011 of the Customs Union (EAEU), has a certificate ISO 9001-2015

  • Contract manufacturing
  • Specialized unique cosmetic products (private label)

    Cosmetics are produced in small batches

  • The company is a Member of the Russian Perfumery and Cosmetics Association

Brand ideology:
Self-healing and Self-regulation of the skin

President of the Company, Doctor of Chemistry Mrs Elena Korobkova is the main formulations developer

1998: Business internship in cosmetics development at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), USA

2014: Developments of ARKADIA were highly appreciated by experts and professors of London College of Fashion (LCF) (worldwide leader of teaching, research and consulting in beauty industry). Member of National Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Russia

Chief methodologist is CEO Polina Arapova

Dermatologist and cosmetologist with 20 years of experience, the author of a number of methodics of professional cosmetic treatment

Cosmetics ARKADIA is based on lamellar emulsions structurally compatible with the skin

  • !Cosmetics ARKADIA normalizes the condition of different skin types, strengthens the epidermal barrier, enhances natural protection, has a restorative effect.
  • !Cosmetics ARKADIA has established itself as a reliable care for sensitive skin.

At present there are more than 100 professional cosmetic products. Line for domestic use: more than 60 cosmetic products for all ages and skin types.

We are proud that we work close together with cosmetologists. Our team is always available for feedback. Together, we play our part in the cosmetics creation process.

We offer: training and certification, flexible pricing, free samples, and printed presentation supports.

ARKADIA inner research and development fundamentals

1. ARKADIA develops its own original formulations. Keeping apart from the standard solutions brings recognizability to the ARKADIA cosmetic products.

2. The main feature of ARKADIA cosmetics is to maintain the barrier function of skin, improve skin condition, relieving pathological sensitivity.

3. ARKADIA Cosmetics Laboratory creates its creams based on lamellar emulsions and refuses of using standard emulsifiers and rigid surfactants.

4. The wide range of the active ingredients, used in ARKADIA cosmetic preparations, includes high-tech extracts with guaranteed content of active ingredients, regulatory peptides, valuable oils, vitamins, fermented active components and those of biotechnological origin.

The Main Awards

  • !“The Best line of the year” for the “Lady N” line and “Best packing design” (2000)
  • !The winner of the “100 best Russian products” (2002)
  • !The title of winner of “Made in Saint Petersburg” and gold medal “Environment friendly and safe products” (2003)
  • !The winner of the National Award “My cosmetics” in nomination “Alliance of beauty and science” by cream “UpGrade 40+” (2013)

Thank you for your attention. We are always open to cooperation!

Продукты научно-производственной лаборатории «Аркадия»


Arkadia, Laboratory of cosmetics

Russian Federation, 197046, St. Petersburg, Kronverksky pr. 13/2
+7 (812) 449-04-35

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